We all know that unavoidable ridge resorption occurs after an extraction (I´m not going to mention the bibliography because I´m sure you all know those articles from Amler to Araujo & Lindhe), and among all the therapeutic options we have after an extraction, the most reliable approach in an aesthetic demanding case is performing an alveolar ridge preservation, and then place the implant.

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But that´s the easy stuff. The answer always is when should I place the implant?, and even more important what should I explain to the patient about the waiting time till he will go out of my office with his shiny smile again?

I try to make it simple, hence I created this infography with some information based on the latest systematic review and meta-analysis (De Risi 2013). Some of you will not like me to treat this topic in such a simple way, but from a clinical point of view it works for me and my time-line is crystal-clear when I have to explain the treatment plan to my patient.